Our History

As one of the major OTC exchange service providers for cryptocurrencies, we understand that the crypto exchange is the most important component of the decentralized economy built over public blockchain. As a result, we established the Zidric exchange to provide individuals with the means to invest in space in a secure and timely manner.

We are a team of diversified thinkers and doers that are committed to making cryptocurrencies open and accessible worldwide and enabling individuals from all walks of life to invest in their independence.

Thanks to our exceptional service, reasonable fees, flexible funding options, and stringent security standards. However, this is not the whole story. We’ve been at the forefront of the blockchain revolution since 2015.

One of the most important aspects of the Zidric exchange is that it plays a significant role in the evolution of the crypto-economy, as it not only satisfies the needs and solves the problems of current users of existing major exchanges, but also creates favorable conditions for a new wave of participants, those who are not currently represented in the crypto world.

Why Zidric?

Zidric is designed with a number of characteristics to set us apart from current market.

Cryptocurrency platform that is secure, simpler, easier, and user-friendly

There are several reasons you should choose Zidric

Our Leadership

Wahab Goldsmith
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Engr. Shams
President & Chief Operating Officer

Naeem Khan
Chief Financial and People Officer

M. Ali Zaid
Chief Product & System Officer

Rahman Goldsmith
Advisor and Compliance Officer

Jalil Khan
Creative Director

Our Vission

is to establish a global financial system that is open to everyone. We believe that open money protocols will lead to more innovation, economic freedom, opportunities, and can make people’s lives better.

Our mission

is it to be the best platform and epicenter for blockchain and crypto ecosystem infrastructure solutions and services. We challenge ourselves to get ideas forward at a faster pace with better quality.

Working at Zidric

Join the revolution

The world is undergoing a transformation, and the Zidric team is at the forefront. We are searching for creative, motivated individuals that are enthusiastic about bringing cryptocurrencies to the public. If you’re interested in joining Zidric, please click on the link below to know more about our available positions.

Be part of our Global Community

Join our rapidly expanding global community of people who choose Zidric as their pathway into the crypto world.